Urban Health

All praise and gratitude should we pray to Allah SWT, because overabundance of grace and His mercy so The 2nd International Conference Interprofessional Collaboration on Urban Health; A Strategy for All Nations, and In Collaboration with center of excellence in urban health study center can be completed in accordance with a predetermined time and also we would like to thank Mamuju Health Polytechnic and Palu Health Polytechnic have organized this conference, Management & Science University and Lincoln University College Malaysia for supporting this conference and Budi Luhur International Network for Education (BIN for Edu) as representatives.

Furthermore, we express our thanks and appreciation to all those who have helped in the publication of proceeding among others to the reviewer, writer, editor, co-editor, Poltekkes Makassar’s research units and especially to the committee which has been coordinating the preparation of proceeding to be distributed.


This proceeding is a collection of abstracts as research results, especially in the face of managing urban health on all nations such as climate risk, air pollution, housing-related health risks, urban green spaces, nutrition insecurity, and unhealthy diets, etc. 

Finally, we apologize for any shortcomings and we received input for the preparation of proceeding improvement in future activities. Hopefully, this proceeding can provide benefits and receive a blessing from Allah SWT. Amen.


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Vol 2, No 1 (2019): Interprofessional Proceedings Collaboration on Urban Health

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