Implementation Activity of Daily Living In Preventing Low Back Pain In Puskesmas Sudiang Raya Makassar City 2019

Tiar Erawan


Health problems in mothers who have undergone the birth process have unpleasant effects such as pain and a fear of moving, through activities of daily living that can be done by the mother herself. The goal is that postpartum mothers will be healthier and stronger by doing activities as early as possible, because the pelvic and abdominal muscles will return to normal so that they become strong and reduce pain, improve bowel and bladder function and accelerate the body's organs to return to normal and facilitate blood circulation becomes normal and smooth, thus avoiding Low Back Pain.

The method used is observation, interviews and documentation. The results of community service carried out by researchers found problems with physical mobility barriers caused by pain. The interventions carried out by the author include: pain observation, teaching deep breathing relaxation, teaching early ambulation, and daily activities that can be done at home independently to avoid on going low back pain.

The results of the service in the form of the application of activity of daily living to post partum mothers with a sample of 20 people at the time of the pre test who experienced mild disabilities as many as 13 people (59.1%) and 9 people with moderate disabilities (40.9%) after the post test changed. those who have mild disabilities are 17 people (77.3%) and those who have moderate disabilities are 5 people (22.7%), thus the application of activity of daily living has good benefits in preventing the occurrence of low back pain.

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